We envision a world where managing household finances is collaborative, and couples work as a team.

Jointly is a platform that empowers couples to manage money better, together.

People are marrying later and cohabitating earlier, which means we’re bringing more financial baggage to our shared households. Studies show that money fights are a major source of relationship stress and often, a big factor in break-ups and divorce.

At Jointly, we get it. Managing shared finances has been stressful in our own relationships, and existing tools are almost entirely focused on the individual. We founded Jointly because we want to do better for ourselves and for millions of couples that we know are similarly struggling.

We believe that personal finance tools are a means to an end—to living the life you want. Jointly is here to guide the conversation and arm you with the resources to make this collaboration fun.

We believe—and research shows—that when it comes to financial decision-making, two heads are better than one. We’ll provide the app. You provide the hopes and dreams!

As we build our platform, we’ll be sharing stories. Some are our own, and some are stories that others have generously shared with us. Join the conversation. Help us spread the word about doing it Jointly!

The Founders

Our team is experienced in building financial products & software

Raven Smith
Raven is a financial services expert, who has spent most of her career building and distributing new consumer financial products. She also has experience in a B2B environment, including spending three years as a strategy and innovation consultant at Innosight, where she helped large companies create new growth businesses in brilliantly disruptive ways. She holds an MBA from Harvard, and she’s passionate about sharing access to the knowledge and tools that help everyone live their best financial life.
Jeremy Brennan
Jeremy is a techie with a background in finance and media. He worked at Excite and Citigroup, before joining LearnVest, a subscription based financial planning platform acquired by Northwestern Mutual in 2015. As the company’s second engineer, Jeremy helped build both LearnVest’s tech platform and team. He believes that with the right tools, we can all be more successful—both financially and in our relationships.