What's your Financial Spirit Animal?

Now is a perfect time to discover your financial personality! Jointly + some academic rock-stars designed an algorithm to help you learn about yours.

Find out your Financial Personality
Takes less than 5 minutes

You’re a team. Plan like it.

Jointly helps you manage money as a team, so you’re looping each other in rather than stressing each other out. Get on the same app—get on the same wavelength!

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Collaborate, don’t commiserate.

Talking about money should be empowering, not anxiety-inducing.

Track shared spending.

Know where your money goes and who pays for what. Track and settle household expenses and selectively share transactions, while keeping your independent purchases private.

Get smarter, together.

Gain insight into both your personal and your shared spending habits. Optimize shared spending and work toward common goals.

Manage life’s projects collaboratively.

Dreaming big is the easy part. Making dreams come true takes organization, discipline, and accountability. Make it a joint effort. You bring the desire, we provide the framework.

Make money talk meaningful.

Your relationship with money is deeply personal, and so is your partner’s. Jointly helps you understand these financial relationships and learn how they complement each other and influence your “big picture” relationship. When you know how you both think about money, you can join forces to develop a productive, team-based approach to budgeting.

Do It Jointly.

Because two minds are better than one.

Real time expense sharing

Detailed spending insights

Powerful financial project
management tools

Couples-focused financial education